Construction Scheduling

  • Simple, color coded Gantt chart
  • Gantt, Calendar, List views
  • Reschedule one, several, or all tasks
  • Manage one or more critical paths
  • Share tasks online with contacts
  • Get notified of task changes
  • Assign tasks to trades, clients
  • Save time using schedule templates
  • Copy schedules from job to job
  • Print PDF presentation schedules
  • Assign tasks to other BuildIT users

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Schedule Templates

  • Use preloaded templates, modify as required
  • Create custom schedule templates
  • Schedule new jobs with predefined tasks
  • Tasks have preset start dates and durations
  • Span non-working days, weekends, holidays
  • Use an existing job as a template for future jobs

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  • One central contact list for your company
  • Search for contacts by any criteria
  • Define who is working on what jobs
  • Add new contacts quickly
  • Import and export contacts
  • Quickly make and send e-mails, faxes, files, cellular text messages, and documents to contacts
  • Keep notes on any contact


  • unlimited number of jobs
  • see a dashboard of all jobs or one job:
    • » job address, map, weather, key dates, job status
    • » job contacts with action buttons (quick e-mail, fax, text msg)
    • » job emails
    • » job calendar, to do's, and tasks
  • preferences let you choose what you see and how you see it!
  • choose job work days
  • store and calculate basic job costs
  • unlimited customizable job information that can also be used in custom documents

Job List

  • see all your jobs in one view
  • view or change job status
  • customizable display

Appointments Calendar

  • quickly schedule new appointments
  • view calendars by day, week, or month
  • view and schedule appointments for ther company users

To Do's

  • schedule new to do's by job name
  • hide to do's until a specific date
  • view and schedule to do's for other company users


  • organize documents by job name
  • generate documents in seconds
  • generate multipe documents at one time
  • custom construction documents
  • automatic 'fill in the blanks' feature
  • email and fax documents
  • see and create documents for other company users

Files & Photos

  • upload unlimited files
  • advanced drag-and-drop file uploading, image resizing and rotation
  • view or search all files in one place,
  • including files attached to emails and faxes
  • create, use, and share:
    • estimates
    • contracts
    • specifications
    • change orders
    • purchase orders
    • photos
    • drawings
  • see a consolidated view:
    • spreadsheets
    • PDFs
    • scanned images
    • e-mail files
  • securely share files outside your company
  • securely share files within your company
  • track access to files
  • all the file storage you need


  • full featured e-mail system
  • each e-mail tied to a job name
  • top tier spam filtering
  • e-mails virus-checked by 3 separate engines
  • rich text email and spell checker
  • store e-mails in company defined folders
  • use your existing e-mail address
  • send job schedules
  • e-mail templates
  • custom e-mail templates
  • company wide e-mail viewing and sharing
  • add new e-mail accounts for other people in your company
  • custom e-mail configuration to meet your needs


  • create an unlimited number of notes
  • track notes by job name or contact
  • hide notes until a specific day
  • turn a note into a "to do" item
  • create notes for other people in your company

Notification System

  • Get automatic notification of schedule changes
  • Deal with priority situations immediately
  • Contacts are notified when they've been assigned tasks
  • Automatic notifications several days in advance of tasks starting
  • You choose who gets notified, and under what circumstances
  • Notify trades, clients, design professionals, vendors, and staff
  • Everybody on the same page, doing the right thing at the right time

Cellular Text Messaging

  • send notes
  • send contact information
  • send appointments
  • send assigned job tasks

So Much More

  • Short help videos to help you master the basics
  • Preferences for each screen to suit your unique requirements
  • Easily export key datasets (contacts, jobs, tasks)
  • Works across all major web browsers
  • Customizations available (reports, documents, functionality)
  • Permissions and folder restrictions
  • Several different BuildIT account types available
  • Optional
  • Features are available if you have multiple user accounts.