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The key to a smoother running contracting business is good work processes... that make sure everyone is doing what they're suposed to... when they're supposed to.

But scheduling... keeping track, organizing, and making sure things are done can be a real pain.

BuildIT comes with powerful Work template system that
takes the pain of scheduling away

Systematize your contracting business quickly and easily using schedule templates... predefined work lists that make sure no details get missed.

Create schedule Templates to schedule and
streamline the way you and your team work:

  • Create schedules lightning fast (a major time saver).
  • All work on a job... from start to finish.
  • Specific types of work, how to:
    • set up a job
    • clean a site/equipment
    • purchase materials
    • set up safety equipment
    • follow up with customers
    • or ANY other work processes you want to standardize/streamline.
  • Punch lists/check lists/work lists you already use such as:
    pre-job checklists, site set up checklists, inspection checklists, safety check lists, or ANY other work processes.
  • Any work before, during, or after any job.

Send us your work schedules, punch lists, check lists, MS Project Construction templates, and more. For details click here...