Help with your work/schedule templates

Punch lists, work lists, check lists, and work schedules are all different kinds of work/schedule templates.

If you want help developing your work/schedule templates contact us at:

As there are many different kinds of software and file formats, we can't give exact instructions to export your information.

However, if you already have work/schedule templates (punch lists, work lists, check lists, etc.) in electronic format then we can load them into your account for you.

If you have paper schedules fax them to: 1-866-260-1519

If you have electronic templates email them to:

  • Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (preferred), or
  • CSV (comma separated values) file, or
  • any other common file format

Then we'll load your work/schedule templates into your account, usually within a few hours of receiving them (during normal work hours Pacific Standard Time).