The human cost of contracting
(and why it's an opportunity in disguise)

Being in contracting means surviving in a world of forces that push and pull - sometimes real hard - and it can takes its toll.

Contracting and construction have a way of keeping a share of the industry close to the edge - and has driven more than its fair share over it. But why?

Consider what most of us have to deal with:

  • Lots of details
  • Changing schedules (that directly affect the quality of our lives)
  • Changing specifications
  • Trades that don't show up (on time or at all)
  • Supplies that don't always arrive when needed
  • Employees that don't always show up as expected
  • Jobs that go sideways (for any number reasons)
  • "Underground" competition
  • Too much or too little business
  • Slow paying and no-paying customers
  • The domino effect of bankruptcy
  • And more...

Most of us in contracting:

  • wear too many hats
  • are pulled in different directions
  • go to bed at night with the gears turning
  • live with more than our fair share of stressors

Many of us have come to think that the endless stream of things to "juggle and react to" are just part of the business - nothing can be done about it - it's just the way it is. But, does it really have to be that way?

How to stand out from the crowd?

Competitors and other businesses face many of the same challenges. What sets some apart?

It comes down to a conscious decision to do things differently and then making the changes - successfully.

Systems are the only real way to better manage, organize, schedule, and communicate.

Systems make the world go round...

Systems make good contractors into great contractors...