Systems make the world go round

Whether it's crossed your mind or not, our world is full of systems - all the way from the smallest of small to the biggest of big - systems make the world go round.

Our bodies, the environment, governments, countries, the planet we live on, and the very universe are all systems.

Big systems are always made up of smaller systems, which are made of smaller and smaller systems.

You are a system

The human body is made up of the digestive system, respiratory system, circulatory system, nervous system (every business owners favorite), and other systems. Each is made up of cellular systems. For our bodies to function properly so too must all its systems.

The economic system is made up of businesses which are made of systems - accounting systems, management systems, estimating systems, inventory systems, customer management systems, project management systems, communication systems, and the list goes on. For any business to function properly, so too must all its systems.

However, when it comes to independent small and mid size businesses, often the owners and a few key people are the ones that act as the "super glue" that hold it all together. More often that not, these businesses do not harness the real power of systems. If they stop, then so too does the business - it's game over.

Do systems really work for small businesses?

The true power of systems can be seen in franchises. Even though they are independently owned, franchise businesses harness the real power of systems. Over the last 40 years these duplicatable business systems have become a significant percentage of the overall economy.

Stores and outlets that are corporately owned also make up a big piece of the pie. Their success is also due to the use of systems.

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