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Getting Started With Buildit Pro in 10 Minutes or Less!

[Only 10:00 min]

Video BuildIT Pro Quick Start System

This Specialized BuildIT Basics training will show you and your team how to get up and running in 10 minutes or LESS!


[Only 6:44 min]

Video Hate paperwork? Not dealing with it properly costs you big time!

Incomplete and non existent paperwork costs the industry a ton. So does lost paperwork. Learn how you and your entire team can write, organize, access, and send all kinds of documentation way faster and more reliably than ever before.


[Only 6:57 min]

Video Look out fax machine, e-mail is kicking your...

Learn exactly what construction businesses really need in an e-mail system and how to use e-mail to stay on top of your communication. Learn how to manage it before it manages you.


[Only 7:29 min]

Video Scheduling jobs in 2 minutes or less

Learn exactly how to schedule projects quickly and easily using project templates. Automatically schedule work around weekends and holidays.


[Only 5:43 min]

Video Money getting sucked out of your pocket? Control your schedule

Wasted time sucks money out of your pocket and you can never get it back. Learn why most time management systems fail for construction businesses. Learn how easy it is to schedule your time, organize your calendar, and keep everyone on your team "in the know."


[Only 6:16 min]

Video Mistakes hurting your business? Control your contacts/address book

The days of paper card files and unorganized business cards are giving way to contact management systems. Learn how easy it is to manage your contacts AND your company's contacts to communicate easily and effectively.

File Management

[Only 5:40 min]

Video Are you organized and in control of your business?

Our file management and organization system allows you to store files like Word Documents, Excel Spreadsheets, Drawing and PDF files on a per project basis. These files are now accessible by your team, from any computer with an internet connection.