Help loading your contacts

Send us your electronic contacts and we'll load them into your account.

As there are many different kinds of software and file formats, it is not possible to give exact instructions to export every type of electronic contact list.

However, chances are, if you already have a contact list in electronic format, we can load it into your account for you.

Just send us your contact list:

  1. as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, or
  2. a CSV (comma separated values) file, or
  3. any other common file format

Send us an e-mail with the file attached to:

If you send it using an email program outside of your BuildIT account PLEASE make sure your username is included in the email.

Note: Please include headings in the file (so we can tell the difference between phone numbers, fax numbers, cellular numbers, etc).

For example, in Microsoft Outlook, you can 'import and export' (under the 'file' menu) your contact list 'export to a file' as a 'comma separate values' (CSV) file.

Then we'll do the rest and load your contacts into your account, usually within a few hours of receiving them (during normal work hours Pacific Standard Time).

There is no charge for this. (When was the last time a software company actually offered to help you?)

If you already use Outlook?

Here's how to export your contact list:

Note: this may vary depending on the version you have

  1. in Outlook, click on "File"
  2. then click on "Import and Export"
  3. then click on "Export to a File," then click "Next"
  4. then click on "Microsoft Excel," then click "Next"
  5. then click to choose the folder containing the contacts data you want to export, then click "Next"
  6. type a name for the file, and browse to choose the destination folder, then click "Next"
  7. click the "Finish" button to export the selected contacts to the specified file location