A construction business that employs more than twenty people is rare. Only 1% of companys get to this size and it doesn't happen by accident. It takes a lot of hard work.

Companies this size already have business systems in place but it takes work to keep them running. Unless software systems are properly designed AND kept up to date AND kept running smoothly, a business will ALWAYS have more mistakes, more problems, and higher costs than it should. Poor systems cost money, choke businesses, and prevent growth.

Many business this size have computer/techie people on staff. They help keep computers running/connected but it is almost never their job to develop good information management systems, keep them up to date, and make sure everyone in the company is using them.

At this size it can be very difficult keeping everyone on the same page. Who is doing what, who has the paperwork, where did they put it, is the information I am looking at up to date and accurate, who spoke to the customer, what did they say, etc?

Better information management lets you be more proactive, less reactive, and gives you peace of mind that important details are covered.

Better information management results in better managed jobs, more sales, more reliable estimates, better customer relations, improved health and saftey, lower costs, and higher productivity.

Better information management also means happier customers, happier employees, and more profitable jobs. More profitable jobs add up to a more profitable business.

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