If you do service / maintenance work then you're used to running hard and running fast. You do lots of jobs; it's the nature of the beast.

When the phone rings, it isn't someone calling to say “Hi.” They usually have a problem, and they want you to fix it - usually right now.

Lots of Jobs mean juggling and keeping track of lots of details (information). All of it needs to be organized, scheduled, and communicated to the people that need to know.

Better information management lets you be more proactive, less reactive, and gives you peace of mind that the details are covered.

Not only does better information management result in better managed jobs, it also results in improved scheduling, better customer relations, more sales, a smoother running office, improved health and saftey, more consistency, lower costs, and higher productivity.

Better information management also means happier customers, happier co-workers, and more profitable Jobs - which add up to a more profitable business - and that should be music to everyone's ears.

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