If you keep the Office running then you sit in the middle of it all. It's your job to keep things moving forward. Your role is critical but other people only notice if something doesn't get done.

However, your position is unique because it involves many things and many may be unique to your situation:

  • keep things organized
  • answer the phone
    • take messages / notes
    • deal with customer requests/complaints/changes
  • make documents
    • contracts, transmittals, change orders, work orders, invoices, letters, and many others
    • file documents
  • schedule other peoples time
    • appointments
    • individual tasks (work)
    • groups of tasks (check lists/punch lists)
    • miscellaneous items “to do”
  • communicate
    • print, copy, fax, e-mail, and pass along urgent messages to people that can't be located
  • and anything else that needs to be done...

All this work requires juggling, managing, and keeping track of details (information). All of it needs to be organized, scheduled, and communicated to the people that need to know.

If you want things to run more smoothly, what are your options?

Better information management lets you be more proactive, less reactive, and gives you peace of mind that important details are covered.

Better information management results in a smoother running office for you ANd better managed Jobs, more reliable estimates, more sales, in better customer relations, improved health and saftey, more consistency, lower costs, and higher productivity.

Better information management also means happier customers, happier co-workers, and more profitable Jobs - resulting in a more profitable business - and that should be music to everyone's ears.

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