The BuildIT System » Benefits

Plug into a world class system

Manage, grow, or sell your business.

No need to develop your own systems.

No headaches that come with desktop software.

No extra costs.

Get started fast:

  • training videos and help included
  • sign up in under 30 seconds
  • no risk, no obligation, no credit card needed

Get things done... better and faster:

  • schedule - use templates to schedule work in seconds (unique to the way you work).
  • organize - all information tied to Job names and easily searchable.
  • communicate - e-mail, fax, text message, and share files thru the web.
  • simplify - secure web access to all information.
  • streamline - enter information once.
  • manage - securely store and access files - estimates, proposals, contracts, specs, drawings, photos, and more.
  • accelerate - use templates to generate and send all kinds of documents lightning fast.
  • grow - expand your business, add users at anytime.
  • sell - more business.

What's stopping you from being way more efficient and profitable?

Every Job depends on juggling a truck load of details (information).

All of it needs to be managed, organized, scheduled, and communicated.

Better information management means:

  • smoother jobs
  • happier customers
  • happier workers
  • more profitable Jobs

Use the features in this system to organize, schedule, communicate, and streamline:

  • estimating/bidding
  • sales
  • job setup
  • production
  • warranty
  • customer follow up
  • health and safety
  • and any other business processes