How to create templates to streamline
your contracting/construction business

How to make a half-decent template

  • choose a 'process' you want to systematize (that becomes the name of the template)
  • list each major step of the work to be done (in the best order for you)
  • add details and notes for each step (write as if the information is brand new to the person reading it)
  • give a 'day' to each step (day 1, day 3, day 7, etc)
  • save the template
  • use the template

How to make a great template

  • use your half-decent template
  • fine tune your half-decent template
  • rinse and repeat - keep fine tuning your template
  • the template WILL become great

How to turbo-charge a great template to schedule work fast
(you need BuildIT for this step):

  • choose the template
  • decide when you want the work to be started OR completed
  • click the schedule button
  • move scheduled tasks around as needed
  • assign tasks to people on your team (they will automatically be able to see their tasks, listed by Job)

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