How to protect your business information (and make sure your data is safe, secure, and protected)

Critical questions most contracting businesses don't even think about until it's too late:

If your computers were stolen or damaged, how long would it take to get everything up and running again?

If your hard drive crashed, who would get your system up and running?

Is your information properly backed up?

Is your business information truly safe, secure, and protected?

Most contracting businesses have:

  • no password protection for important information
  • one or more computers located in unsecured work areas
  • no computer technicians onsite (or on call)
  • computers with only one hard drive per computer
  • computers that are shared by more than one person
  • one internet connection
  • no climate/dust control
  • no alternate power supply
  • limited backups (many have none)

With BuildIT's web based system you automatically get:

A Secured Facility

  • a high-security facility with a high level of redundancy
  • equipment is located in a secure card access only area (for approved staff)
  • servers are locked in their own cages
  • there are multiple ultra-high-speed connections to the internet
  • power is cleaned and surge protected through a full-time battery backup system which is backed-up by a high-capacity onsite generator
  • a fully climate controlled environment (heat and temperature fluctuations are bad for computers)
  • filtered air to remove dust (an enemy of electronic equipment)

Secured Servers

  • Servers are monitored remotely and automatically every five minutes, 24-hours a day. Over a dozen checks are performed each time.
  • Anti-Virus, Firewalls, server software, etc., is all updated continuously.
  • Access only to essential personnel using secure passwords and protocols.

High Quality Hardware

  • redundant hard drives (RAID drives) are like having two copies of your data at all times: if a drive fails for any reason, the RAID drive system automatically redistributes information so that once again, there are two copies of the same information. The chance of two hard drives failing at the same time is extremely low
  • performance hardware (dual power supplies, high-quality memory, high-quality boards, etc.)

Professional Staff

  • manage computer equipment for thousands of different clients
  • on duty all day every day 24/7/365
  • continually monitor the software and equipment
  • install and upgrade software
  • if anything goes down, staff are alerted in seconds

A Solid Backup Plan

  • two copies of all data on each server
  • all information is backed up on separate servers
  • regular off-site back ups

Which system would you rather have protecting your information?

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