How much of a genuine advantage do software systems give
contracting and construction businesses?

Just how much of an advantage do contracting and construction software systems offer contracting and construction businesses? It's a good question with no one answer. It's like asking "How much of an advantage are cordless drills, air-nailers, and mobile phones?" It's hard to pin-down exact percentages but it is clear these tools have added to productivity in a big way.

Even small improvements can have big impacts on the bottom line. If you improve efficiency by only 5% and your business has a 10% net margin, then you could boost your bottom line by 50%. That's a big jump.

The big catch with software

Tools are only a benefit if you use them. The same goes for software and systems. They are useless if they gather dust on a shelf however, if you stick with it, you learn to use them well. Then their use becomes second nature and you become a "power user." Then you wonder how you could have lived without them.

Now that they are a daily part of our lives, how many of us would give up modern tools that have changed the face of contracting?

Technology wins in the long run

Clearly, technology can make a big difference. Just put a newer contracting business up against one of 15 years ago. The business using cordless tools, air tools, laser tools, and whatever other gizmos they use would win - hands down.

Web based software systems are the next game changing power tool for contracting businesses.

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