How software systems help construction businesses sell faster (and for more money)

Over the next 10 years 2/3 of all private business owners will be looking to sell out and retire. These 'baby boomer' businesses have only one place to look for buyers - the next generation.

However, the next generation has fewer people - that means a lot more businesses than buyers.

Whenever supply is greater than demand, prices are forced down. That means many businesses will never sell; they'll just close - not much reward for a lifetime of work.

What ingredient will set businesses apart from the crowd? What will make them sell faster and at a higher price?

Sure they'll have customers and be profitable (but so will businesses that don't sell). The magic ingredient is that they'll have good business systems in place - which will help them sell, while competitors shut their doors and close forever.

Construction software systems help businesses sell because buyers find business with good systems very attractive. If you were buying a business, which would you rather buy? A business with organized predictable ways of doing things or one without?

Systems create lasting value because the seller has a well oiled machine to hand over to the new owner - a predictable working systematized business.

Systems are the same magic ingredient that make franchise businesses and retail chain stores dominate.

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