Speedbumps to systematizing your contracting business
(and how to avoid them)

It takes a ton of work to develop systems for any business but NOT systematizing costs way more in the middle and long run (that's if the competition doesn't eat your lunch in the meantime).

To systematize a business somebody needs to:

  • identify all the things that could and should be improved
  • think through, understand, and identify what to systematize
  • develop systems to capture, manipulate, and distribute information (ouch!)
  • get team members to "buy-in" to the new way of doing things (that could be fun!)
  • test and improve the systems over time (eesh!)

This adds up to a manure load of time, energy, and expense on top of your day-to-day work (friggen-ell).

It's no wonder so many contractors have resisted or not been able to streamline their businesses (even though they may have wanted to).

But do you really need to figure everything out yourself?

Developing your own systems from scratch is a waste of your heartbeats. It makes about as much sense as trying to develop your own power tools. There is no need to "do-it yourself." Just buy good quality tools and start using them.

The fastest way to systematize your contracting business

Bar none, the fastest way to systematize any business is to tap into existing systems - that have already been developed, tested, proven, and work.

  • Yes, you and your team will have to learn to use it
  • Yes, it will take work
  • Yes, there will be hiccups along the way
  • But, it's way easier, less expensive, and much faster than starting from scratch

BuildIT gives contractors, construction businesses, and the people they work with a fast reliable way to tap into proven business systems.

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